APLEA Chaplains - Join us as we Educate the world to save the world

September 2023 - Lagos Nigeria

We are planning a trip to Lagos Nigeria in Africa in 2023 to help train Christian leaders in Self Defense. We will be teaching them the IWC Krav Maga method which includes all three systems blended into one. We will also be conducting Ministry training led by Bishop Dr. Israel Ikpeka and his family. He has been doing ministry in Lagos for over 40 years.

For those of you who have read "The Adventures of Hannah Grace" they are featured in the book. Sifu Mark Messare traveled there in 2005 with Freedom Bible College & Seminary and the Ikpekas have been to the United States since. If you would like to join our team contact us.

Local Ministry & Healing Workshops - Sifu Mark also offers local ministry opportunities for churches upon request. He has written several books about COTNA (the Church of the New America) where he explains how our nation needs to get back to basics. His passion is to help those who are stuck in areas of their lives to become unstuck through the healing power of Jesus Christ.