Have YOu been training Martial Arts for a while but are looking for a new direction? Do you want to be mentored in a system without being micromanaged or controled? Are you looking for something that doesnt cost you thousands of dollars to get started while you train for several more years to become an instructor? You are in the right place.

What we are all about.

We are in this together! This is a slogan I've been hearing since covid but there are more applications than just this. I would like to apply it to teaching the martial arts. Whether you are just starting out as a student or you want to launch your own branch our Master's Club offers curriculum for training wherever you have access to your phone or computer. Contact us to start today! There are no contracts for this program, we only ask you sign a NDA so you aren't helping out the competition. If you are using this as a means to launch your own studio we will help you every step of the way.

Another use for this program is if you want to fasttrack your growth as a martial artists and don't have access to traditional classes at least not as often as you'd like. For as little as $100 mo you become part of our team. We also offer packages for discounted private instruction when you are enrolled which will help to tailor fit our program to your goals.

Abby & Bailey practicing knee striking at our Rochester Krav Maga location