Transcendent Productions - the Voice of the Underground

Books, Videos, & Events

Transcendent Productions was created by Jonathan Messare (Sifu Mark's brother) over twenty years ago. His desire was to produce music and publications that honor God and help people. Sifu Mark continues to honor that legacy in his printing of books, videos, and events. Here is a list of some of his published works

(2021) The Adventures of Hannah Grace : One Nation Under God $20

(2022) American Patriot to Ex Con: 20 years in Self Defense $20

(Coming Soon) IWC Krav Maga Instructor

(Coming Soon) COTNA - Church of the New America

( Coming Soon) The Adventures of Hannah Grace Book #2

(Coming Soon) The Kung Flu : Covid 19 behind the Razorwire


EVENTS - Available upon request

IWC Krav Maga Instructor Training - Your location, ours or Remote

COTNA Healing Workshop - Spiritual Self Defense

Starfighter Camp - Kids Self Defense workshop (based on the book A.O.H.G.)

Sifu Mark will come and speak at your Church, Organization or Martial Arts Studio upon request. He is available for book signings and trainings. Call or email us today